Gambling addiction of children: what should parents do?The computer itself is not a problem. This is a pretty useful device that every modern person needs. But the attitude towards him can provoke the emergence of a problem - uncontrollable gambling addiction. How to take your child away from the computer and eliminate gambling addiction?
Of course, at first, parents are happy that the child has learned to use this "miracle of technology." Plays, but it suits the parents. It is believed that if a child copes with this apparatus without problems, then the standard skills of reading, writing, and communication will be easily given to him. The parents praise the child for their success in the game. However, over time, they notice that the child lags behind in other areas. They come to their senses only when the child sits at the monitor all day and presses the keyboard buttons, but during this period the prohibitions no longer mean anything to the baby.
Why is a soulless apparatus better than parents?
Of course, we cannot compare living people with an inanimate object. It takes into account emotional and psychological comfort. A computer is a smart device, thanks to which you can control, solve problems, communicate with other people. During the game, the baby experiences positive emotions and even learns something new. Communication with parents is exhausting and uncomfortable by comparison. They do not obey orders, and the conversation with them does not always develop the way the child would like.
Play can increase a child's potential. Various strategies, shooters, adventure games make it possible to build, find, experiment and so on. Each movement is safe and can be repeated again if suddenly something did not work out the first time. In life, the opposite is true - every action leads to consequences for which you must answer. In the game, the child can receive bonuses, move to a new level. Parents praise only for success, and express dissatisfaction with various mistakes.
Children who have high mental performance, the computer eliminates the routine. On the Internet, you can find the answer to your question, and the excitement present during the game can replace emotions.
In many families, parents sit at their computers after work in order to escape from everyday work. This is the so-called reward for the work done. They offer the same to their children: "Do your homework, play a little." It turns out that the child perceives the game as a reward, and lessons or another task as punishment.
How to deal with this addiction?
Experts recommend that moms and dads join the child. If you participate in the hobby of the kid, it is highly likely that he will want to participate in your hobby. Of course, in this case, adults will have to look away from the sofa and come up with a useful activity: go hiking, play football, go fishing on the river, and so on.
Be closer to your child: walk, play, travel. The success of a kid in the future depends not only on his skill in a particular profession but also on his ability to contact people and control his emotions.
In addition, you can put a password on your computer or hide the wires from it. Then the child will certainly not be able to play in your absence.
Turn your computer into a machine for work.
It is important to instill in the kid the right attitude to the computer. Tell him that a computer is a tool for work, thanks to which you can learn. Thanks to this device, many children read books, watch educational programs.
Some psychologists claim that the computer contributes to the intellectual development of the child. It is generally known that even small amounts of poison can turn into medicine. Computer exercises help develop a child's memory and attention. And the mouse and keyboard buttons contribute to the development of fine motor skills.
It is impossible to say unequivocally that this device is irreplaceable. Classic pyramids, mosaics, sculpting, coloring pictures favorably affect both motor skills and imagination, attentiveness, and creative skills. Experts recommend not to isolate children from the computer, as it can leave society.
Be smart about teaching your child how to use this device, only in this case you can avoid the occurrence of gambling addiction.
Elena Kainaryan, medical psychologist
Nizhnevartovsk neuropsychiatric dispensary