Spain-UK travel quarantine

But you know the foreign minister made the point that the Canary Islands and Balearic islands have a relatively low instances right of ours much lower not just in mainland Spain but much lower the fact that then the U. K. so you have the feeling is that you know they want to get some kind of exemption for those items but they are insisting that Spain is still a safe country to visit.

How likely is it guy they're going to get that kind of exemption because correct me if I'm wrong but to fly you back to the U. K. from those islands often you have to do stop all studied in big cities like Barcelona and Madrid and apples.


Often but not always.

I think the the Spanish authorities are relying very much on the scientific data to show that that is on another level incidence of corona virus back in in the spring the body irix organize the kind of bilateral agreement with with the German guy.
So we're allowed to travel to the body R. X. before the national lockdown spine to be fully listed so I I think what they're looking at is something perhaps similar sets of that scheme and it seems to be fairly successful for both parties but I think they they would perhaps like to repeat that German speaking with the U. K. and it it it's it's very difficult to overstate how important British tourism is for the body arts and the Canary Islands in particular absolutely I mean tourism in general makes up 12 to 15 percent of the Spanish economy doesn't it guy and a lot of that tourism comes from the U. K. and this is the peak time for U. K. Travis I mean Madrid apple behind you normally would be super busy this time of year right.

Yes it was and is it yeah you could say it's pretty quiet said I'm I'm I'm still a.

I meant but I even saw what we're not seeing the kind of yet busy activity you would normally expect at this time of year Spain in a normal year but expects the receiver just over 18000000 foreign visits since last year around the culture of those were British so that gives you an idea as to how important the British market is the bridge Marcus is the single biggest one for Spain in terms of tourism so that there's a lot of gloom of the Marlins in reaction to this decision by the UK government's tourism operates at the Holzer is insects that is very worried indeed about this because of the importance of the U. K. there is a market for the country okay I thank you very much to go ahead for that from Madrid apple for us a new study has revealed that Afghan opium farmers have switched to soda technology in massive numbers over the last 5 years and in the.