Black Lives Matter Australia

An Australian court has ordered a halt to Black Lives Matter protests

T. for those protests to go ahead and he did sign what is happening in Victoria and those cases hundreds and hundreds of cases that we've seen almost a daily basis there as part of the reason why he's blocked permission for the protest to go ahead on Tuesday he said despite the low numbers of community transmission here in South Wales the state was almost on a knife's edge as he put it for further escalation as it stands the police said the protest planned for cheese they are our own authorized and that he will take action against people take part so do you think they'll actually go ahead will people come out on to the streets anyway.

Well the organizers have actually rally and standing outside the New South Wales Supreme Court's they sense that they're going to appeal against that decision and that regardless of what happens it is going to go ahead and people will take to the streets this is.
That happened more than a month ago in early June when protests were up what plans they were blocked by the New South Wales Supreme Court and the police at but then people thousands and thousands of people took to the streets when we were there actually they made a point of almost everybody wearing masks they were distributing hand sanitizer even to us who was covering at that event course it wasn't much of a social distancing so many people took to the streets and I think this is really what they're going to try and do not make the point of taking to the streets make the point to beat coco it's safe and there been many many pieces of advice on Facebook for people planning to take to the streets and a time around but all of that as you say to pick up momentum from what's happening with the black lives matter globally especially in the United States or draw attention to the aboriginal deaths in custody here in Australia yes I would just want to pick up on that loss but we know so well obviously the black lives matter movement what it means in the U. S. what.
Regional families have reacted so strongly to that because for them it reminded them of what they've been experiencing for years really in the last 3 decades alone after a nationally wiry more than 400 aboriginal people died in custody whether it was in prison or in police custody at and what at rallies and what protesters and organizers are doing is they're trying to keep up that momentum and draw attention here I remember back in June I met the mother of David young a young man I got regional man who died in custody back in 2015 and his last words were the exact same last words of George Floyd I can't breathe and back to David's mother said that you just brought back that memory that trauma a person's got also gave her the impetus to go and ask that you take to the streets and ask for justice and ask for accountability I think that's really what the organizers the activists here are trying to do they're trying to take that momentum take that global attention and bring your Australia Dr change okay thank China.
With the containment measures that were undertaken bold these cities actually apply toward and all the cases are owner dong screening in fact in Delhi as of today about 80 percent of covert beds in various hospitals are empty what conversely at the same time in this month slowly and no more rapidly cases are increasing in the smaller cities in the domes which will create previously not affected and that's a matter of great concern because specially in the smaller towns the healthcare facilities are not as good as they are.
The liability protections but I think you know it one thing is certain is that there will certainly be a direct payment likely in August to all Americans who aren't likely below $100000 of earnings can give the United States $1200 you talk about waiting for a vaccine but you know obviously that could take time and in that time how irreparable is the damage going to be to certain parts of the U. S. economy which are hardest hit.

A look at scad yeah the American economy is extremely resilient and the American people are very science but there is no question that if forced closing of the US economy is gonna be very difficult it doesn't matter who you are doesn't matter in like it's not just the United States but it's you know in the UK or Europe and in Europe and in Europe and Asia those countries that have forced or Connie closed there's gonna be an impact on that later this week we're gonna see GDP numbers the second quarter unveiled by the US government many people expect that to be a very significant dramatically a negative number and which you know is a lagging number of course but and and hopefully that that third quarter will be 1 more positive look there's no question 181 economy is forced to be closed and.

So United States when the American consumer doesn't spend as much because they can't go to the retail shops it's going to cause a significant challenge a ripple effect around the world okay Chris Campbell it's good to talk to you thank you so much take the time.