Trump 2020 campaign

President describes masks as 'patriotic in tweet

It's got a reverse gear he slammed it into river us and now we call get it out with seeing reversals on all manner of different things or is the British prime minister Boris Johnson put it this week more flip flops then pull the speech he's got to say that mosques far from being politically correct or not of patriotism he said that the coronavirus far from being a bad case of the Sniffles it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better he had to perform a bit of a U. turn on schools going back and of course he's abandoned his plans to hold a huge event for his convention in Jacksonville Florida now what has changed the medical advice has remained consistent what's changed is Donald trump's position in the polls which I say the least our precarious and I think his new campaign manager has dumped him section down giving him a bucket of ice cold water and said this is serious you have to change direction on the.