Plastics crisis

1.3 billion tonnes of plastic could be dumped

The chief scientist at ocean Conservancy joining us now thanks very much for your time I'm I'm just thinking about the corona virus and the huge increase in the amount of plastic PPE gloves moss the the world is conceiving right now and how that could potentially make this problem even worse.

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What's happening with PP right now a new study also predicted that we may be using as many as 200000000000 masks and gloves every month right now and the projection in the growth rate and that is something like 25 percent over the next couple of years so this is just going to make the challenges identified today in this new study even even harder since the people watching around the world going about their daily lives.
Who use plastics.

What we heard a lot about you using reusable shopping bags and you're bringing your own water bottle all that's important in the context of the corona virus it's important to recognize that in many settings in most settings cloth mask is just fine obviously not in a hospital setting but the CDC here in the U. S. as indicated the cost mass are are are adequate for for most situations and like a reusable garbage or are shopping bag they can be reusable as well you throw them in the wash you clean them soap and water will kill all pretty much all viruses and bacteria and also again you go in so you can avoid using single use PP entirely to your work focuses on the oceans just talk us through how how does how much plastic ends up in the season in the oceans.

It ends up in the ocean in a lot of different ways plastic is fine coming into the ocean through leaking waste management systems as as Victoria indicated in a lot of the world we have really inadequate waste management but it's also finding its way into the ocean in a variety of other kind of strange but interesting way so for example many of us were synthetic clothing and those to roll off of microfibers that you can barely see other major plastic that find their way into the ocean even things like our tires are made about the type of plastic and entire dust it interestingly is becoming really really important source of microplastics the very very small bits of plastics that's coming to the ocean so there's a variety of different ways.

George is a huge problem I'm sure we're gonna be talking about this for a year.