Pompeo attacks China

A Chinese communism.

America can no longer ignore the fundamental political and ideological differences between our countries just as the CCP has never nor the.

Joining us now this is all state department correspondent Barbara Plett usher Barbara and we've had pretty strong words about China from the trump administration of the is this does feel different and some different doesn't it by.

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Kind of 0 sum black and white approach also reminiscent as well some language of the of the Cold War and he stopped short of calling for regime change but he did say that they should empower the U. S. should empower the Chinese people to help change the way that the Communist Party behaves and he also called upon 3 nations he said to do the same to band together at a Democratic Alliance to try to alter China's behavior make it more transparent and accountable he said if the world doesn't change China is going to change us so yes dramatic and harsh yes it's interesting he mentioned the U. N. he mentioned night say the G. 7 according all of them to take part in this I mean how much support can the U. S. expect from its allies when it comes to concrete action if there is going to be any.

Well I mean it the year US allies have similar concerns about Chinese behavior in terms.
Property and so on but it was quite dismayed by the trump administration initially saying that the trump administration was state of the party that had pulled out a collective action dealing with China for example pulling out of Asia Pacific trade deal that would have tempered China's behavior was aimed at tempering China's practices so they can quite unhappy with the trump administration they have become more vocally critical of China lately because of the security law in Hong Kong because of the treatment of Muslim minorities because of some concerns about the way it handled the corona virus outbreak and recently there has been some action taken on the technology front so Britain for example barred the telecommunications company out walkway because the Americans have been lobbying their lobbying the very heart sings a national security threat I thought Mister Pompey was taken I see that as a positive sign he's seen it as an encouraging sign that out.