Russia accused of space weapon testing

UK: Actions of this kind threaten peaceful use of space

Directorates but that is a new entity saying that Russia lost week launched a project all with the characteristics of the weapon he's called for a hold for such tests the US space,nd generate a jury recommends of the US space,nd said that is evidence of Russian efforts to develop space based weapons answer clearly what certainly people in it in the U. K. M. A. D. feel is that Russia has crossed the line yes there have been other technologies used to target satellites by countries such as America Russia China and India as well which is normally ground based systems to resolve the situation to targets satellites in space that could always.
To cause huge damage this is different this is a test that was conducted the Americans the British believe by the Russians with one of the essential lights it was sent into orbit last year and there's a projectile which looks like a weapon was used and they are worried that this will be the lead into if you like noms race in space so strong words but from America and the U. K. here according to Russia to hold these experiments Russia we haven't had any calls from them they said originally this walls a satellite launched last year what they called an inspector satellite this same sex a lot the Americans say getting close to an American satellite earlier this year and they again issued a warning but I think you can sense the concerns amongst many countries here about a new arms race in space and that is why people are so concerned about what Russia might be doing Johnson V. all defense correspondent thank you so much for keeping us up.