Athlete abuse in Japan

Child abuse is illegal in Japan but institutional in sports

Hi in Japan over this year and what we found is this is far in excess of tough love this is beating with sticks or bats this is sexual abuse this is physical abuse and these are athletes who are being left with a lifetime of trauma as a result.

How difficult was it for you to get that testimony.

Actually it was quite difficult there is I have to say a culture of silence in Japan that protects abusive co coaches and let me just say that this is not a problem that's limited to Japan and the UK you've had Jim this coming forward to tell of horrific abuses including 10 year olds being shot in cupboards the United States had Larry Nassar that so called Olympic Dr abusing up.
So this is not a problem that's L. that's a unique to Japan but what is unique I think is how normalized the the beating and this harsh training is because they're not being legislation in Japan I think the I thought I saw some of 2013 and 2019 for this to be a radical has not not been followed through.

Yeah so in 2013 there were a series of scandals including suicide the young man had a note saying that he couldn't take the basketball training anymore and at the time Japan was bidding to host the 2020 Olympics so they've made a number of impressive pledges and what Human Rights Watch did is we actually tested those pledges and we found that the hot lines that were set up are largely inaccessible we found that abusive coaches are never removed from support and we found that kids are suffering I'll give you 1 example and that is in judo I since 1983 100 21 kids have died in judo training 0 kids have died in judo training in the UK so it's not necessary that children be punished so harshly that their lives are in danger.

All right okay let me keep working thank you prime.