Coronavirus: India

Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan tests positive for Covid19

Some would see any sign of positive and had been hospitalized for the same I think George the country determining its attention back on and make the country had begun to see succeed song.

One phone before we were ready because what's happening here is that while the fiction because been spiking there's been a 50 with the lock down much of the country is slowly reopening because the diesel hybrid fact remained quite low as a percentage of population compared to other parts of the world there was this perhaps seek sense of complacency that was setting in but when somebody is high provided them with a bunch of dispositive what's happened is it still the national attention back when a pandemic that I. T. we were getting smug about before we should really should have so actually the fact he's got it on the fact he's been tweeting about it stole his followers millions and millions of followers I should say could have a positive impact.
Estimates of the death still remain your aware testing nor for example dental key and and popular in Switzerland even over this huge country or 1.3000000000 people in politics because governments are not be testing it out in pockets because people see artistic modifier social backlash even doctors and health workers have not B. standard times and the authorities have been helped by coming in BC all stickers that show that you're growing up on the table outside warms it in in the first month of souls the pandemic when someone as iconic as much in very matter of factly dates to social media and says he I bought it I know look if you wanted to you think you need to be got to please boy guest the one positive thing that may come from this is the de stigmatize Haitian off this illness and end up going.
He was given his estate estimated to be as many as 45000000 stocks leading the cities back to their villages overnight in lost are there we just because they were they were anyway getting daily wages they were insecure yeah and so for 2 months we saw the the spectacle all the horrible spectacle also all these workers men women and children often baffled walking under the blazing sun hundreds and sometimes more than 1000 kilometers back to their villages so what yes.
Prices of jobs to its economy alongside a medical emergency so that has been the criticism off the lockdown which many people now believe was meant to prepare the health system but perhaps blindly copied western models not taking into account that this is a poor country this is a country with deep inequities and this is a country with 90000000 households actually live in one room tenements which means sometimes you can have 8 people living in one home so we use borough west and still they need you to help people stay in school that's not always safe for people with the crowded into one little rooms so that's why we now have a new approach to have a much more textured regional approach to lockdowns as opposed to a macro locked down so I think the government both federal and state governments hi a lesson so the only mistakes that were made in the initial response to the findings fascinating to talk to us a much we could go on to talk about but thank you very much indeed bucket up there Indian television journalist with the latest on current buyers.