Brexit: UK-EU trade talks

UK cabinet minister Michael Gove says 'there is movement'

In huddles on things like speed ETA than the role of the European Court of justice and the future relationship between the UK and the European Union I'm there is concern in some pops off the usual there isn't clarity that there hasn't been a breakthrough yet and this morning we had from Ireland's new T. shock me how Martin.

I think we need in and check.
And fruitful discussion with the prime minister at Boris Johnson after after I took up office I think we both agreed that that it's in everybody's interest particularly in terms of businesses and giving them certainty and securing employment into the future that we get a good comprehensive trade deal between the UK and European Union that can be taught of free quarter free that would facilitate smooth future relationships.

Both sides still trying to figure out what that looks like band but you know on the crunch on that is coming soon I think we're gonna be talking about breaks up a lot more in the UK government has made it clear that it wants the souls one way or another deal or no deal by October.