Poland Presidential election

He is socially conservative so he's against abortion he's against the LGBTQ rights and he's also seen as a supporter of the government's controversial attempts to increase political control over the judiciary the public media and that was.
By the European Union for eroding the independence of the judiciary and undermining the rule of law at the same time president do that is also seen as the guardian so voting for him is like a promise that the government keeps its very popular and very generous welfare benefits symbolized by the child benefit scheme which is called 500 plus that means every family gets about 100 pounds 100 means that 2030 plus dollars a month for each child until the 18 years old that's proved extremely popular here in Poland and this actually helps many Polish families be raised out of poverty so that's 1 of the reasons that explains both his miss to do the the government's popularity on the other hand his car is a position candidates in this case Mr affects us because he he belongs to the centre rights at civic platform party he's at the mall liberal and of that.
I'm at he is essentially more progressive in his views he wants Poland to play a much more active role inside the E. U. and its policy making now if he is elected that would mean his pledge to block some of the government's more controversial attempts to politicize the judiciary and that he would do that by being because the Polish president is allowed to veto legislation so that would be at at at a sea change in the Polish political scene if he's elected I would lead to a very stormy relationship between the government and the president and Mr chest chest because he gets elected if Mr Duda is elected it's a continuation of what we see for the last 5 years which is a Poland which is pursuing a democracy which is less pluralistic more socially conservative nationalistic in its views out very distinct choice on offer for the voters today and Adam how much of an impact has coronavirus hot in the whole run up to this election.

It's not been a major campaign issue and that's partly because the number of infections and deaths see here impala that much much lower than in many western European countries so it is an impact it is obviously having an impact on the way people vote because the sanitary conditions are imposed in voting stations people must be at the socially distant to me does a pop they must wear face masks they must sanitize clean their hands when they answer so it's having an impact on the amount of time it takes people to vote so there's more queues outside voting stations but it absolutely it hasn't been a significant campaign issue in this particular 5 in the first round or the second round run off that people are voting today.