Roger Stone's prison sentence commuted

I am going to work as hard as I can to help general Flynn get exoneration because the refusal of the judge in his case to dismiss his case and try to drag it through the summer is outrageous and I'm going to do everything I possibly can on an independent basis to get the president reelected which I think is crucial.

A short time ago on North America correspondent David Willis give us this update.

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He hinted during the 2016 presidential campaign that he was in touch through an intermediary with the wikileaks founder Julian Aussage boasted that he was knowledgeable about the release to wikileaks of thousands of emails hacked from the server of the Democratic National.
Over 3 years in jail and a Jew to report to prison in Georgia before next Tuesday well now he will be going to jail told his long time friend president trump has intervened as indeed he had promised to do something hinted at doing for many weeks Roger stone himself was issued a very brief sentence I have a statement saying that he welcomed the news was very grateful of the White House heifers pot has said that this was an overzealous prosecution and that's the prosecutors in the case have been pursuing a case that should never have existed and I think 1 can traces back James to the antipathy that to president trump has displayed towards the special counsel Robert Muller's a investigation into allegations of interference with Russia before the 2016 presidential election that the president has consist.
All right hopes and he sought to clear the name of people who well I surrounding him and it was subsequently convicted because all of that inquire if they include as well as Roger stone a former national security adviser Michael Flynn and the former trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort who is currently serving time in prison so this very much a sign of don't trump it's since we basically looking to to raise the memory if you like all that hold Mona investigation is the president's power to commute absolute.

Well it is in the yeah absolutely in the sense that he can now effectively clear the Rachael disposal just as he said he won't be going to prison and indeed this president has proved that he's quite keen on commuting sentences he did so with the apple my Illinois governor Ralph like a venture earlier in the year does it does have the full menu you'll a police chief but not characters so so the president was not a a man who is afraid to use those powers and he's also again.