Amazon TikTok controversy

Staff had received email asking for removal of app from phones

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Internet and technology firms within their borders to do so and so really the question with check talk is how likely is it that the Chinese government might be doing this in what cases might they be doing that someone on the policy and what is the appropriate response that a government like that in the U. S. can take to deal with it is to talk go more risky for a user than other apps made by western companies such as Facebook.

Well so to talk is not too different than many other apps and that they collect far more than what you might suspect to run the application so certainly tick tock is collecting comments users posted videos they've you but it's also collecting things like your contact.
History part maybe even what you had last in your clipboard so what you're copying and pasting and so this goes far beyond what most users might suspect but there are lots of other apps that do this and so if we're just talking about the the scope and the deaths of the data that this app mines for users it's really a systemic issue in the U. S. with a lack of limits on what private companies can collect we really knew terror tree has seeing a powerful Chinese firms the one which owns take talking also qual way now in conflict with western countries what are we learning in this conflict.

Well we're learning a couple of things one.
Same questions when you have a global tech supply chain that's so interdependent and so inter connected it's difficult sometimes to know what the right thing to do is when there are security risks the other main lesson we've taken away from this is that even though there are real security concerns potentially with check talk certainly with Chinese telecom Huawei for the current US administration these decisions are driven often times far more by politics and by fostering for looking tough on China then they are by the actual security rests that might be at play.