Singapore election 2020

Here it's about a meter a policy going to get your temperature taken you're going to be screened and Leslie you have a your national ID cards scanned through a a contactless system you've been given a disposable gloves to go and coaster ballot with a pen so essentially these precautions of to it been put in place to reassure everyone that yes this the this poll will be conducted safely Singapore has managed its number of coronavirus infections I mean it does have amongst the highest.
Well because despite the 45000 also infections only 26 fatalities so far so Singapore's been seems to get a reasonably good job in doing this but again you know those concerns around and election being called around a pandemic like this but Singapore is the first country to do this at 8 in the last few months as you know there will be a memorable election for all those reasons I let's just touch on the politics that the governing policy that has been in power for quite a while.

Yeah pretty much always as well as I've known I mean simple games and.
And so on the power of the P. A. P. you know a lot of Singaporeans here that I've been speaking to over the last a week or so have been saying well yeah you know it's it's great that they manage the economy so efficiently but this often comes at the cost of the local population so for instance in the last couple of decades there's been an influx of immigrants that really taking jobs away from Singapore's they've driven up the cost of living so lots of these will be key and a focus on the minds of voters when they go to the polls including of course you know how the government handles the pandemic.