Chancellor's economic update

Rishi Sunak tells MPs 'more hardships lie ahead'

Without having to do anything different to what they would have done is just to win for them then I think they'll be unfortunately I fear a sense of employees who can follow to even the 0 pounds bonus for employees to bring them back and keeping to John right that won't be enough and they will have to find work elsewhere including the challenge then is to make sure that happens quickly and they can find a decent job robin ending up unemployed for too long I don't think there will be a group of people for whom the 0 pounds makes a difference employers will think that actually that's worthwhile keeping that employee on props on reduced hours for a while until we see how things pan out uncertainty reduces an inmate will make the difference in a in a number of cases is.
Anne is that you're storing up problems for the turn of the year that people keep employees on for the fertilizer mommy and then obviously for the bonus until January but unless the economy is fully recovered then we're gonna get a massive hit right at the turn of the year.

Johnson you concerning when you got these tempering that shoots you gotta put them in place at the right time to go to try and make sure the right that targeted well let the right kind of magnitude we also got to make sure you find he's not well and they they get turned off at the right moments if that applies to further scheme it also applies to the VAT cuts for example for the hospitality industry which runs into January it also applies to the stamp duty holiday which runs until next March certainly I suspect to be it would be that surprising if at least some of those measures do get extended if the economy still weakened in the autumn in Fruita next spring it's strange isn't it I mean 2 weeks ago we were being told to stay away from the pub now we're being told to go on a Monday through to Wednesday.

I think that is.
Size the government will pick up I'm up to 10 pounds 50 percent up 10 pounds of the bill I do think that in that it without measure out the constraint in many cases won't be that long the people are staying away from restaurants because they're not getting a discount I think they may be staying away either because of health concerns or they might be starting wide because essentially the restaurants already filled with the physical distance measures in place which is much more capacity 6 I'm not sure whether that measures really wants and now whether that's the kind of thing that should have been held back for a later time there have been questions on social media people have been writing into is in people with heart on the not entirely clear whether this VAT cut applies to liquid to beer and spirits or just a food can you shed some light on that.

At the VAT costs I believe applies to restaurant food.
Thank you scheme the up to 10 pounds 50 percent 70 on your flights to food and does not apply to alcohol because I also mean the chancellor said he will get a further he needs to he's left himself out we were in but obviously there's a lot of pubs up and down the country being very hard hit huge day benefit from food sales and also they're working on reduced capacity.

Yeah I need many offering discreet as well which were not benefiting from the DC council that without just being a good shot down that will be struggling and that's the case where you the chances on some measures to help some sectors in some cases the support is probably more generous than meets today in other cases that will be industry sectors that fall between the gaps it's very much the the treasury strong top right policy very quickly now there's a good chance that you new schemes will be designed if for example they decide it's something they can do that it's well justified because it's good to talk to you thank you very much for shedding some light on votes and we will be getting some reaction later in the program from people in the hospitality sector you might stand to benefit we was.