Thousands harmed by unsafe treatments

Review looked at anti-epilepsy drug sodium valproate

Those working within health Kerr.

Too often we believe it has not.

First of all 3 interventions is sodium valproate.

Sodium valproate isn't affected medication to control epilepsy.

But even today.

This medication causes harm to unborn children.

I'm pregnant mothers continue to be on the radar of that fact and all the risks involved.

The second is pelvic mesh.

It measures used for organ prolapse angle search urinary incontinence and Wendy many many women have undergone mesh surgery they have suffered terrible complications.

I'm beside his prima dose of hormone pregnancy tests taken by.
In the fifties and the late seventies.

What is the size user base damage to children on those small who have grown up who are adults needing care and support.

At the very start of our view and I have just it's been a long journey but very beginning we knew that we had to meet and talk with women that families.

We need to turn.
The number of families.

To say it made such a lasting impression on us some of those stories I will certainly take to my grave.

Experiences Bihari.

We learned about damaged families under immense strain.

Relationships are being destroyed on Correa's broken understood result financial ruin.

So it was not working because.
But such dignity and courage and we the review gene want to thank someone for doing Sarah.

Women told us that when they were pregnant I'm controlling the rap let see was so damn pop right they were never told that the arm bone baby could be seriously damaged.

They didn't.
192 damaged babies.

What a tragedy.

We met women who told us that they were given 2 little pills called criminals.

To confirm whether they were pregnant on March.

And we long thought because of these medications these pills they were given that some of the most the baby's arms.
Since the surgery they lost their independence caress her large populace.

The sex lives on even the ability to go for a walk so that they were confined to a wheelchair for the rest of their lives.

Suffered hugely on the total support experiencing splintered cross inside them.

I uses insite them in that part is under doctor gave some prominent repenting pine.

Some have some suicidal thoughts.

The children's account go on.
The intensity of the suffering the fact that these conditions lasted for decades on the shelves okay.

That these interventions have done to women and the families.

What is truly shocking.

No one knows the exact numbers affected by these 3 interventions but it send out thousands tens of thousands.

These families have to fight fight to be listened to on fight to be taken seriously they organize themselves into groups I phoned all party parliamentary groups that battled for U. S. so we want to thank first patient groups for that expertise that research that courage tenacity I'm I have to say look through them we have learned so much on they have helped us with this review.
I want to stress that the review was setup because these people refused to give up.

In our research we were astonished to find how the health system is too strong to it it is Siler unresponsive defensive it doesn't recognize that the patient self coppers all the health care system on it fails to listen to their concerns.

Over the past 2 years we've actually encouraged in regards to the system to take action action that should have been taken a very long time ago.

Of course innovation in medical Kerr has done some wonderful things save many lives.

But innovations without pre market testing.

Post market surveillance on long term monitoring.
Blamed on this occasion.

Now of course we know mistakes are made every organization makes mistakes but I have to be knowledge that have to be put right as soon as possible I'm gonna have to enhance the learning so that those mistakes are not repeated again.

Manufacturers also fail safe fail to acknowledge when that product because his home.

They fail to recognize that obligation.

To contribute towards help for patients.
I've suffered so grievously do you to the product's.

Briefly I want to explain our conclusions on each of the 3 interventions first for primer dos a test for pregnancy if given to women yes longer than it should have been.

In 1967 shares concerns were growing the regulator coat and should have acted but didn't.

So even more women are exposed to unnecessary risks.

Also because there is disagreement between experts about whether treatment all scores 2 baths defects the factors remain up thousands more women along prone children exposed to this risk that was not technologist at the time.

They should not have happened.
Certeon Beaupre.

Sir Tim barrow purchase been license since 1972 and it was known from the very beginning but it was home for troubled children there's been no dispute about that yes even Tuesday hundreds of women are taking all courage when the pregnant I'm not.
He says that have been affected I'm also consequence the role for lack of support and help is comparable.

I don't think mash women suffer terribly.

We were so poor by what women and the families told us that in July of 2018 we set the treatment first.
Should be halted immediately.

We set conditions to be met before the operations continued on Tuesday 2 years later they have not been met.

20 Softimage started to be used in the power of this.

We still don't know the long term risks we still don't know the complication rates we still don't know the way to remove smash because this no consensus.

We set the conditions for lifting the ports are ever met.

Mesh should only be considered off the old surgical and non surgical options have been considered under woman must be fully informed to make the decision of the risks involved.
Number of procedures to be absolutely tiny gone are the days when women in the tens of thousands admission plans which underwent then choked it was the codes standards.

While turning to online recommendations that we are making these recommendations are.

Very wide ranging they are radical.

The system's response of a lack of it has opted to so much suffering and pain it needs to be acknowledged what has gone so badly wrong.

So our first recommendation is that the government must immediately issue fulsome apology on behalf of the health care system to the families that have been so affected by criminals certeon fall courage on such Commanche.

All next recommendation is about the patient safety commissioner.

We think it's really important that this force is established because patients must not be ignored.