Police stop-and-search apology

My senior officer has said has I didn't say this but she said I'm sorry to miss Williams for the distress it is clearly coast time and I say that too so if there are lessons to be learned from which we will learn them and I'm looking at him coming is a specific issue.

Well let's go to our sports correspondent Laura Scott to so Nora Dame president Dick has now apologised to Bianca Williams who who was obviously very distressed by what happened.

Yes exactly are you still.
They wanna I'm very scared about it and they said that they were considering legal action but this is a significant development today that the husband a formal apology from the Metropolitan Police and I'm staying president mentions a review into handcuffing procedures she also said that that they will set up an oversight group on the use of force because that was one of beyonc Williams's main criticisms of what happened to her and her family is that she felt that she was hi cover 45 minutes as she was but that her 3 month old baby was in the coloring and she didn't like the fact that she was separated from him and I'm damn president said that she and others have had had a lot of empathy I'm with the feelings that a young mother must have and especially given that nothing was found in that call and but yes this is a significant development today and also we had yes.
South I TT independent office for policing conduct so we will await the outcome of that review and and the video was that she posted online by the former Olympic medalist Linford Christie the fact that these high profile athletes are involved here has opened eyes I guess and when it is made it is.

Is drawing attention to this issue in a way that the the daily stories that are reported don't necessarily enjoy the same level of attention.

Well yes I mean I almost beyond current recalled anything if they had sort of given permission to let the Christy that coach to post about the incident and they said that they felt that it would gain the track and more traction if it came from him and I'm you have seen I mean this video has gone viral it is worth noting of course that the director of professional standards has reviewed the body camera footage and the footage that Bianca Williams took of the incident and they say that there was no misconduct from the offices on but clearly there was a huge amount of public sentiment about what happened and a lot of concerns raised and this is led to the apology today on the the referral what I mentioned thank you very much we're going to.