Australia's coronavirus spike

Twin city over what Donna and up until last night people were able thousands and thousands of people were able to cross from one side of a bridge or a highway it across the river into here in Aubrey New South Wales for work to visit family or for even doctors appointments that's the proximity we're talking people here view those 2 towns in those 2 different states as one community with 2 cities and so today things are looking very different hundreds of police and military personnel have been manning checkpoints examining people's permits which has been quite an issue for people to issue permits at overnight turning people back if they don't have them allowing people in and there's been a rush hour long queues of cars for people to get in we've been speaking to some local business owners here for example who are quite worried about what that will mean for them they have staff that live on the other side of the border I would normally travel here in a few minutes it's taken them hours this morning so the more.
Is of anxiety about what this border closure between those 2 states will mean for people on either side.

As you say extraordinary times in a mammoth Opara operation which is causing a lot of uncertainty for people but just reminded China you know compared to the rest of the world that Australia is in terms of infection numbers.

Well look I think compared to the rest.
Tions to very low numbers but I think in terms of the way this is going the trajectory and the speed by which we've seen that spike in Victoria that's what's worrying health officials that's what's worrying that people across the states as well remember about it exactly a month ago Sally we had days in Victoria with no new culvert 19 cases now we're at a stage where Victoria has over 800 cases 134 new cases today alone 191 yesterday the highest spike so I think the speed of it the trajectory that the fact that this is happening on a community level not for overseas travel but with community transmission that really worries health officials and they say if they don't do this right now if you don't clamp down on it it could spiral out of control all rights thank you showing the we'll talk to you again soon I'm sure about that and also a little later in the program Albia speaking to a professor of in that.