Virus mutation

Small but potent change in 'spike' protein

Its name it is the corona off it and the reason that that this particular mutation is worrying is that we and others have found in laboratory experiments that this this mutated form of the virus more readily effects are more readily infects many different types of human cells so the new mutation of honest on the right has a strong spike that doesn't break when it tries to infiltrate cells.

Yeah that's that's that's a good summary we we looked at many different possible mechanisms for why this is and it's still not.
What how this very very small changes the spike protein leads to the increase in infectivity but the increases on mistake will so we looked at ourselves from the lawn from the liver after the call in so many different cell types and across all the cells that we looked at.

He's consistently sought between up to an 8 fold increase infection that's that's not small numbers that's quite a quite a large increase but I think increasingly was saying research suggests this is not so much anymore a respiratory disease something that particularly attacks the lungs was becoming a vascular disease attacking all parts of the body that rely on fine blood vessels what are the particular moves in this farce that concern you most.

Yeah I mean this is I think a big unknown right now which is why we made some efforts not just to test when we look to see the original strength virus and the one with you to.
Cell type we looked at many cell types because we are worried that the virus doesn't just affect one organ I in fact one of the I think hallmarks of coated right is or when the first symptoms that people often report is a loss of smell and so that's that tells us that the virus is likely getting into olfactory neurons that are involved in in small but of course it's not just on neurons but many other cell types in the body and I think this is a really active area right now to really understand are also impacted equally and how is their treatment that needs to be different depending on where the virus moves in the body.

I suppose it's not much comfort but I suppose of ours becomes too deadly it dies out eventually because it has no more hosts left no more of us do you think we will find a way eventually to live with this.

That's a really good question I mean I I think it's you know this is kind of natural selection in inaction of providers that use that is 2 deadly it's not able to spread there many viruses that that spread common cold HIV is another virus that can spread but are not perhaps as deadly as as coronavirus.

And so this virus does seem to have kind of found this this perfect middle region where it is both quite deadly but maybe not how to deadly or at work will live on a lot of P. symptomatic spreaders are super spreaders while still being you know having a tremendous impact causing a global pandemic.