US withdrawing from WHO

Process could take at least a year

Some democratic rival to president trump Joe Biden has come out to say that he will reverse this decision if elected and he will make sure all that America remains part of the World Health Organization criticism of the decision has come from other leading Democrats including Robert Menendez who is the Democrat leading Democrat on the Senate.
He said the move leaves Americans sick and America alone and the president of the U. N. foundation Elizabeth coming a cousin's call the decision short sighted and dangerous she said it would undermine the global efforts to beat the coronavirus that's the strange thing about all this might the timing coming just as the United States is poised to announce 3000000 cases all of the corona virus here in the United States not if it happens David I think it would be a massive blow to the WHO's wouldn't it's already seriously under funded I think its budget is less than one New York health district and the U. S. is the biggest single contributor as you say all this at a time when corona viruses trying to overwhelm a health facilities in some US states.

That's right Jim we're hearing today all of our 10000 plus cases over the last 2004 hours in the state of Texas alone that soon.
As Florida also Arizona California Ole showing surges in the corona virus pandemic in number of cases president trump continued to insist that the situation is under control but to go back to your point about funding for the W. H. O. a absolutely the United States is by far the biggest financial contributed more than $400000000 a year and now the trump administration says that money will be diverted into other public health initiatives but it raises questions the with the U. S. withdrawal about the long term financial viability some missing all the W. H. O. itself not to mention the projects regarding public health that it is currently on to take.