Melbourne reinstates lockdown

That period so we know suppression can work and putting all that if it's in and now it's really about trying to return way to where we were and achieving that goal which is really protecting lives at the end of the day knowing that we can achieve it and do we know whether whether this originated this this this latest number of cases.

So the concern is.
It into the open the genomic work suggests that most of the virus circulating now responsible for the latest cases has come from a traveler so it looks like we have had that serious breach about front line defenses if unite with travelers in the quarantine hotels and infection among some of the security guards and probably you know multiple gods positive at the same time taking expected even parts of that community and the cops where it was really an accelerator you know large extended families or now we sing it in now public housing towers we had very high concentrated units are the 20 floors in a tower where you can just get quite explosive you know right.

Because the conditions lend themselves to that but presumably I mean the testing regime is going to be incredibly important now 6 said are you how many people you aiming to test during this lockdown.

And the tests are pretty xcelerated again with testing 25000 people today and that is your right that's an absolutely K. pot to these and it's something different to where we were in not for me loss or out spiking mainly imported cases gives a much clearer picture of what's going on in the community and importantly we're testing people who don't have symptoms and that's what you need to do to really understand how this virus is already distributed in the community but also where those most you know risky transmission rates that we have just a few seconds or because we are running out of time as I I mean the second lockdown it he said and do you anticipate this as well is more difficult perhaps of psychologically for people and also economically.

Yeah look I mean everyone's fatigued already and and there's a lot of politics around the second way and the isolation of the curry for the rest of the country I think makes that difficult for people to get their heads around but we also know we can do it way better results and the other states a chirping in so we think we can do this but you know we made everybody on board.