UK green jobs package

It is Henderson invest is good to see you tomorrow calls rishi C. NAC the chancellor will deliver what's being described as a some a budget is not an official budget of cools but lots of ideas and plans to help the UK economy give us your take on some of his promises so fall.

Well I think in general is this quite a hello a little.
In times and it's not a huge huge domestic coming and we're talking a little bit of work point one percent of GDP and if you put them in the wider context of the this day marches measures introduced so far and they've been about 7 percent of GDP and if you add in things like the the 5000000000 that was promised on on xcelerated infrastructure and that's another point 2 percent of GDP and so the this was stacked dying and so the fact this was the case it is like to be quite large and it got worse this year unless it's also something in his back pocket said.
We've seen so far and it's the end of the year and there is a service that we we just run out of spending school economy that economic burst all state selections here I mean intends all of you know who promises for green jobs this is vouches for households who want to read insulate their homes making at home screen every do you sing that energy bills but also potentially creating thousands and thousands of jobs to those who are losing jobs right now and there are many positive sentiments out there about this idea coming from the opposition party as well and then of course very specific help for the arts and theaters except for announced yesterday I mean that the specific measures need to be introduced and they.

I think you're right the M.
We did with that with the date with its products with it with the packages that it releases the bull by the broad based mass and the board based packages so far con continue and they need to get more you started to to focus into different parts of the economy the really struggling with this I am that said I think there is a danger that that does not not coming through and it gives you access this green package has been announced and the the consent agreement which is on the Lexus back in at the end of last year promising over 9000000000 in funding so after we after we purposes answers remains bitter disappointments and use a computer and the rest of Europe boxes is that we spend every 10000000 times at Johnny offensive lines and so this is the scale of these packages it's not level that I think people are looking for absolutely the stupidest thing that 20 percent for wind and NGT.

All right although we'll leave that thank you for your time this morning all of the black bull nettle tea asset portfolio manager Janice had.