Samsung earnings

Samsung estimates operating profit was $6.8 bn

But the screen is it going to small planes around the world and there's one interesting point but they're not something makes a lot of this bicycle isn't the apple iPhone and something that's inside some of the notes that they put out today is that they've actually received a large charge back from apple because of lower than expected sales on the one hand lots of good news something is whether or not the stones but it also points to a wider trend of what's happening with smartphones that work across the world let's talk about actual Samsung phones themselves I mean how many of those are they selling used to be world leaders getting very competitive and not look quite disappointing and it if that's the case what does that mean for something going through it.

Absolutely the smartphone industry the market for small currencies increase.
Some some quality across the world as they really come in and cut them in terms of pricing but I think reading we have to look at this market market on a much wider level I mean if we were having this conversation every 5 years ago many must be thinking about upgrading our smartphones every single year and I think what was really points to is the whole market the smart friends reading the cheering I think we really hits a certain point within technology where the idea of upgrading your funds are regular just isn't as important for many consumers out there start something unfortunately our weather a lot of thoughts not still on the line as a business something is so diverse environments you seen chip making as well going into these different servers into computers they are very diverse wide business insights not friends the second sign for them but there's a lot of other post is out and then Alex that's just what I was gonna say you know some some electronics is so pervasive no matter what's going on like today we're talking about 20 plus percent profits.

Absolutely I think it's a business that's really got a lot of potential out of the house in a little scandals and something in the last couple years but something that I'm posting the instance of look towards our next year is the mobile networks business so yes it's not quite as challenging but given the tensions that were having in the United States and increasing in the U. K. as well require right on these mobile networks they can trying to put into these countries the site she presents a challenging opportunity but sometimes they get balanced out so that would be some way to look for for more great.