Pride Month 2020

Pride celebrations have moved online in response to Covid-19

Can you and your fellow activists call then which was only walk 3 or 4 years off to a homosexuality had ceased to be legal in this country the reaction you got that must be very different the reaction you've received in more recent years.

Well just correct you please.

In 1967 there was a very possible limited the criminalisation of male homosexual.
Commercialized in Congress there is not enough emphasis on the on going battles for LGBT plus rights here in Britain and around the world so when the politics and the pride I'm remembering the historic fight began in 1970 with the formation of the gated racial problems it is suggested that the crack she gave me which I I take up saludable what you're saying sort of underlines that point I was making about the wind of public reaction to public expressions of homosexuality which launching and pride events and so on a very important part of that I'm in terms of what they have for you hoping to achieve today but by going ahead with this motion I I notice from the organizes news releases that you're going to be people be very masabi social distancing they're gonna be very conscious of the different involved which pride marches taking place what specifically are the things that you think needs to be reclaimed water the water the gaps that were.
Service right yes we are being very responsible well limiting the parade to only about 40 people these old veterans in their seventies and eighties who were involved in the generation from back in the early 19 seventies and we are pushing for agenda all what would you listed for way back then which is.

We asked for a social transformation bridge design C. to ensure rights for LGBT plus people and for everyone we were not just a gay focused organization restored for quality and human rights for everyone and we think that that same radical agenda of social transformation is needed now as Britain faces the threats the code 19 economic meltdown institutional racism and climate destruction we need boldness that vision to make a new best of society so that we get all the best to help you along.