Liverpool win English Premier League

Liverpool are Premier League champions after 30 years

As I haven't lost here in the league for for now I own 3 years they've won every single one of the A. league matches here this season and it was this Wednesday when they beat Crystal Palace so convincingly that took them to the brink remember they went into the lock down 25 points clear of Manchester city so once they got that win on Wednesday night it was just going to take one slip up from the champions the.
For Liverpool to be crowned as league champions in the top division officer I'm gonna use of lighting up the city lost so here they are they've done it with 7 games to spare I'm a cancer really obviously it's been very old with this 3.5 months hiatus because of the pandemic and and the lock down in just a couple of weeks ago at the ocean club the manager revealed just how worried he walls as to how this league might not be resumed because they were so it was such an inevitability about them winning this title you got to have that ripped away from them because other European leagues are just being declared null and void and I haven't had champions but that was this collective will to get things going again in the soonest that we had the first matches last week you just knew it's going to be a matter of time before Liverpool I didn't make it past the line and says so here we are they are league champions for a 19 time under Jurgen Klopp will be doing some interviews today we should hear from him here on BBC news in the next few hours but said the Julian the relief of the fans last night yes they were told to stay away from from and failed no football here last night but it'll be watching at Chelsea get that win that they needed or even a troll at Manchester city slipping up in Iowa fireworks in there were flat as Merseyside police had awesome to stand why they didn't intervene much quieter outside the grounds at today but based in beautiful sunshine now after a stormy start today and it is a really beautiful moments in the history of Liverpool football club absolutely okay thanks very much indeed enjoy the day.