Liverpool win Premier League title

Jurgen Klopp leads Liverpool to first title in 30 years

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I have never seen a group of people so emotional and so elated about something like that in the entire time that I've been in I'm covering the problems that have been going to the mountains this is a once in a lifetime thing for a lot of them you know some of the people that I've worked with children the last time this happened did you know it's it's something that hopefully they'll see over and over in years to come by this may be their only chance and that's why they're celebrating the way they are Jenny green the because we thought the straying season Webb I was kind of stopped and then I'm sure Liverpool fans were nervous to actually that we might not get a season finish a toll this title may be taken away from them there must be a bit of relief that was well actually they've not won I think there was a lot of conversation about whether the funds are you know the win tonight on city tells you not to whether they.

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That's all been through night at this point you know I think they wanted it so 5 on the how but not enough that's all that matters to them so I would say they're definitely relieved at this point.