Theatre productions to remain closed

Les Miserables among shows closed on West End

Marks is the theater critic for The Washington Post I'm I'm thanks very much indeed for joining us I'll cover Macintoshes repeat laid down the scale here and and that sort of sense of powerlessness about what to do about it presumably there's no difference on the other side of the water.

It should be starting any time around then or even in the months following right I I'm what I wonder this then because while the theater world the creative arts industry can say government you're going to tell us when we can start moving again we all know that's a very difficult thing to do because of the uncertainty unprecedented situation wherein wants can theatres do what con productions due to bring an audience back again that there must be some quite a lot of creative thinking going on at least well yes there is creative thinking you're going on and a lot of that has to do with digital transmission of theater which is not exactly the same thing you mention Hamilton David and Disney is going to start streaming a musical the musical film version of the musical Hamilton in early July moving it up by about 17 months from its so called regional release date because there's such a hunger out there but there are not a lot of alternatives for these large spaces these 1500 seat theaters that require 90 percent of the seems to be sold to make any money there's no economy of scale that allows them to scale down and this idea of people sitting 6 feet apart in those spaces just really doesn't fly as well as a solution so we're in for a very long difficult hall yeah I mean there is V. cliches that the show must go on to at the moment that cannot happen but can the industry go on under those circumstances I mean what on earth.
I don't think that a solution has been gonna come up with and maybe that's why there's been so much silence from producers and theater owners in this country the stopgap measures that are being taken are in programming that for smaller theaters that are trying to figure out and possibly outdoor productions there is some indication that the transmission of cove it is lessened diminished out outdoors and maybe summers maybe the the the prime time now for theater in this country right I mean this isn't a very popular thing to say but but could that be a reality that the return to theater means Hoff the number of seats at twice the price.

That's a good that's a formula for absolute extinction there is just no way that this this form can afford it Tuesday coach charge any more than it has I dare say if anything they're going to have to figure out a way to discount further because part of the problem is you've got a you've got to make your form you've got to make this live entertainment more desirable than people thinking they can watch movies on Netflix or even theater productions on Netflix those things are going to have to be overcome and it's not by charging more and I don't know that there is yet a consensus or even a good plan for how to reconfigure theaters to make them co visit 6 up double 9 very difficult challenge D. Peter thank you very much do you pay them.