English Premier League resumes

Goal celebrations will observe social distancing

Future they're going to be around 300 people in the ground so it is going to be the resume resumption of the press Getty but not as we know it is there any worry John that some fans might congregate around stadiums will was an initial concern which is why that was not suggestion for a period of time that perhaps these matches will be played at neutral grabs but the the fears of that happening appear to have been allayed and other clubs as well work with very much in favor of playing on that old grams which is what we're going to see Marcus Rashford some something brilliant for young footballers and their profile but top away from that aspect of the story John won't have full policy not to have they been regularly training but just on their own we'll close to taking a variety of approaches I know for example bluntly they manager Sean Dyche right at the start of the the shut down I took the decision to give his players a complete break at that time but but the clothes have been back in training for the course of the past 3 or 4 weeks or so so they've had enough time to prepare for these matches some of them being playing friendly matches behind closed doors to trying get back into the swing but I mean it's a huge gap to to not play for a 0 Days it competitively is I mean it's that is a longer gap then we had between the end of the premier league last season and the start of this season so I would expect to see a certain amount of resting us when the action resumes.

We're gonna have a good time tonight I'm sure John many people be very and this thanks very much for joining us tomorrow thank you.