English football resumes

Aston Villa will take on Sheffield United

The vice den football in the last 4 months but having it back you such a such a great job great delight so it's something that we look forward to in a weekend.

So you're a big man and the user banned I understand that playing against those own Friday night so I took it through your preparations and where you gonna watch except for a.

Will is going to be around like 9 to 10:00 PM in kind and calm so we will pretty much be watching at home and in Thailand Dallas do despu a rules that.

Applying a pop cannot be opened yet so most of the people will be watching at homes it would be a great entertainment because in.
But I do know we can be we can at B. O. B. M. T. but yeah it's about time that we can get back to watch football and get lost in a camp for 2:00 hours despite all this tension around it will.

Without fans in the stadium cheering on the teams playing without that atmosphere how do you think the game will be I mean it won't be the same when it.

Yes it will be a big a big mess intense public broadcasting experience because like you know most of the hi fans.

I wouldn't be able to get to the stadiums to see what it is like you know you know life stadium spot seems to be get to see what happens in the best lead guy at all it if they at the last few weeks without fans in the stadium it is it is a B. M. T. but I mean in the end yes it's better to have them back and I know you've even flown to be in the stadium old Trafford almost man you play do you think it will affect the footballer's performance that does note fans in the stadium.

I I think so I've bought myself I I think it'll be it'll be missing that you know like twelfth man element but I I think with that professionalism and I think the lack of football that they missed in the last 3 months I think fall fall fall first few matches I think it would be it would be a big boost for them to get back on the field but in the long run I am afraid it would affect them without a fans yes all right at no point check good to talk to you and enjoyed today and the days ahead if they squeeze in all these matches that have not been able to play.
St means the clubs are going to have to rebate season ticket holders the hospitality partners for matches and of course there's there's the some 3 losses in things such as merchandising catering sales as well on top of that that there has been an agreement with the domestic broadcasters fall I I ate relatively small rebate I think initially they they at the premier league club speed it was going to be around about 750000000 pounds and that's been the halt and they might have to be some money going back to the commercial sponsors because they won't be getting the same value from that from to shirt sponsorship and things of that nature as well so this.
This is the better but that could be some time couldn't it.

Yes it's got to be led by the by that you guys coming from the health professionals I'm an update clearly they there's no evidence of a return to mass gatherings as well as the fact that matches are taking place outdoors which clearly appears to mitigate the passing of the of the corona virus I think one of the big issues is that they will be page points at matches in terms of the use of public transport as well and that will make it more difficult for football to return a specially for those clubs who are located in cities which are very reliant upon public transport as a means of getting 2 matches so what could it be the full out there's real concern that some clubs.
I think as far as the premier league is concerned because of the incredible success of the TV deals I'm clubs probably do have a a fade to grey of resilience to do become to becoming insolvent but as we drop through the leaks and those clubs that become more and more reliance upon Max stating come in ticket sales that has to be a genuine risk especially once the the government's the government spelling schemes and the delay replace schemes in respects all of P. A. Y. E. and the A. T. payments are concerned and that when the when those monies become Jew to the governments and they and the lockdown elements are removed that clubs will be in the future will help huge problem in terms of meeting that bills with no sign of sorry to interrupt you care I just wanted to ask you read very briefly what impact might this have on player salaries do you think.

I'm in the short term in the premier league very little because they're on long term contracts for the gang in lower leagues because they're on one of the 2 year contract expect to see significant cutbacks being made by clubs all right here and we.