JK Rowling trans tweets

Harry Potter author tweeted about sex and gender issues

It says that she began to get low level harassment when she just absent mindedly she says like to tweet whichever show up what is now is just when you click on the hot side underneath the tweet Sadik spasms of support then she started following a young for his comment to them burns who very sadly died last September bad outspoken views some people so that itself is a provocation in December JK Rowling quite loudly voiced her support for a tax specialist who basically didn't have a job contract renewed off to she said something about how transgender people cannot change that pilots use biological success as pilots whose sex story it is a back story to it and it will be.
Did an auto with a headline which included the words people who menstruate and JK Rowling tweeted say people who menstruate I'm sure they should be aware of for those people someone help me out Wim van whimper and we met and then all hell broke loose it was a sort of Hobbesian war of all against all and what happened was she issued a number tweet saying that her position essentially is that there is an important distinction between people who are born as women and people to transition from male to female and she did a series of new ones tweets but then there was this generational issue because a number of axes you've been involved in the Harry potter franchise Emma Watson Daniel Radcliffe I'm Eddie Redmayne he's in fantastic beasts which is a spin off series or spoke out against her position and said that basically they didn't agree with it or that they wanted to voice their support for trans people following that you mentioned she wrote a long essay detailing her own past experiences yes state JK Rowling put out 3650 words which is a lot more than you can fit into a tweet should new onset look to context he taught by her boss in education and charity.
Into a domestic abuse and sexual assault and that's what's led her to have these arguments fees what is not really the place the focus of debate is I mean how many people commenting young people particularly do you think of going on raids those almost 4000 words that she's not worse it is I mean very I would guess it I know it gets very very few and Saudi Twitter I'm afraid it's just not the place have recent discussion about complex emotive and sensitive issues and a lot of parents who it watching this will be rightly I think worried that to to somewhere where you can easily access information be Tennessee get the context I mean issues retreats at which I think that's a very particular tone about it compared to other types of social media like Instagram which is much more visual is it on to the first vote there Twitter is very very slow to get rid of abuse I mean it has been historically very very slow they say they take it seriously but there's a lot of stuff up there which should be of it secondly you can tweet anonymously and there are lots of people who are anonymous lots of people who are really horrible and often the anonymous people and the horrible people go together secondly to it as the soup community policies I'm actually the policies are subjectively defined and and and moderated by various people but you can be pretty aggressive pretty nasty and pretty insulting and coming to some pretty aggressive opinion before you contravene that policy so I'm afraid that if you want to have a complex sensitive emotional emotive discussion about every difficult issue which is not the place to.