Premier League to restart

92 fixtures still left to play

Without exception national decision and as I was in this contrast to the situation a few weeks ago when there was so much debate and all they seem to do that but now it all seems to be going so smoothly what happens if a squad member tests positive before a game with the game be put off.

So this is one of the issues the cable at in the discussions last week particularly with players and managers about his concerns and I suppose the the point is questions to show sophistication of the approach so that's why they have constant testing and as soon as anyone tests positive they'll usually be isolated from the squad I mean I'm I'm going to self isolation well to answer that they also have this new debate essentially at tracing programme gentry GPS fast the players use they can see if a player who has had a positive test for stock numbers and a positive test comes in the how many times he came in contact with at his fellow squad members or opposition players I'm can essentially and I test them as well so.
Well layered process and that's added to the confidence that they can come back safely and securely understand these games will be played behind closed doors how will the teams and create an atmosphere in empty stadiums.

So one of the things that came up in the discussion today was at a broadcasting huntsman's group where they will come to work and ideas to make the televised and spectacle and a lot better now that could amount is supposed to be covering the stands and I know what anyone else using Germany's been piped in sound music I don't think the property will cover that well they are investigating a few different ideas to just make it better and make it so it's not just players like from the kind of it actually arena when we talk about PI paean keep popping cheers with the home team want to pipe in blues for some of the opposition of class one of the ideas on this run old Wesleyan sounding broke cost enhancement group well I don't think everybody goes up until it's quite interesting Germany so safer Bridget Bridgett organ Bayern Munich they actually use the preview.
Dorman games and that just took the soundtrack from data going to superimpose on this one I see my friends a chance rather than I am good at so although I don't think anybody is going to go to I I think the more issues like maybe finding something creative to do it at which stands and also I think that maybe out of this is the way it was put to me I've been more razzmatazz to the to the broadcast themselves today to try to bring in ideas like and dressing room for age and maybe mid game interviews and managers things like that although some clubs I resistance that and this is all gonna be disclosed over the next few weeks.