Coronavirus: Australian rugby league

Games will not have any spectators

Spell the same bring it on yeah I absolutely love this plenty people to call wait to see the the 40 is that going it's only M. television set on Sunday over the weekend yeah very popular game especially here in Sydney and in Queensland as well so look I mean after all the cynics are plenty of people who call white to watch a lot of thought known social distancing on the pitch.

Simon Parkinson that I want to take you back to the national people's Congress in Beijing this is the picture right now and many different proposed laws and legislation bot significantly in just the last few moments the the Congress has voted on the Hong Kong security low.

8 months so today health ministers within the last hour have made an urgent plea to try to maintain some kind of distancing measures 30 say they're not going to step off the social distancing measures but what they're asking people to do is stay away from mass gatherings to look at wearing masks where possible and also they're kind of closing public parks museums there arching businesses to kind of maintain working from home or flexible working hours it's not they say a step backwards and social distancing measures they are calling for a concerted effort for 2 weeks to trying to get skills to maintain opening time so basically they've had this phase 3 open yesterday can I half 0 children went back next week more are due to go back they want the education system to remain open if possible I.
Insults which have so far avoided mass 8 breaks of covert 19 they are what do you do it could spread quickly if it takes hold within the city and that is why the concern is so high right now right yes it's not a step backwards they're saying but they are trying to push people to maintain some kind of vigilance show Ave saying look this is a temporary measure will not rest on the head and get back to business as usual all cold are they not being quite so so bold about it.

David I think when it comes to the Korean center for disease control here they've never kind of patted themselves on the back and said look we've done really well the rest of the why don't you look at safety and gone you've done really well here they've always said you must maintain vigilance and they said it's inevitable that the virus will return in some form they've always been warned about second wave coming in autumn and winter so they always told the population that this is a possibility there are G. 2 weeks all vigilance to try to keep skin was open but they're saying that this is in effect it ain't over till it's over and that will mean a vaccine I'm one of the things that this is going to say to people around the world who are looking at perhaps testing and tracing I'm call paying says Kerry as a role model is this is not an easy process you have to keep vigilant you have to keep it up if you are to stop clusters of infection popping up across docking up across the country yeah I think that's a really important message in terms of how easy it is to stamp this out or not Laura thank you very much indeed for that or pick a insult.