Bolsonaro video released

Bolsonaro discussed removing law enforcement officials

Down the Supreme Court website minutes to hours of shocking comments not just from Bolsonaro but also from his ministers about pretty much every topic and it's the damage is going to do well I mean you wonder how long will snark and lost in the job as president really that and the allegations against his son had been around for some time just just took us through those.

Well this is I mean this comes back to a friend when at such your moto who was the justice minister and his most populous by fall and resigned it's cooling at saying that juggles an hour had being politically into sailing and this is down to and it's not just one son several sons all under investigation for that wrong doing including corruption and money laundering and we cut in this video I've seen in this video you know the talk of how he doesn't want to get his family he doesn't want to screw his family over there and said you more points out that it when he resigned as justice minister that it juggles naar with wanting to have a police chief mourn his sights you could have access to intelligence me said that's not how it works and that's why he left so I mean this is just dumbing in every possible way for doubles and aren't.