Cyclone Amphan

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visits West Bengal

Image to many many houses the assessment is ongoing right now but the initial impact on families on people was up to 14.2000000 people of which 5000000 were children and they were evacuated the government of Bangladesh as part of its preparedness did evacuate up to 2000000 people to the storm shelters and approximately 700000 of these were children that were also evacuated with their families Charles how badly hurt has the refugee camps bean and Cox's bazaar.

V. cyclone was not in the direct pathway **** bazaar district however strong winds and.
Other centers like a UNICEF has learning centers water sanitation toilets that have been impacted as well as the bridges as you mentioned there has been impacted that in the camps as well thankfully there's been no fidelity no deaths in the camps sorry that was already very difficult of course in those camps tackling covert 19 trying to enforce some kind of social distancing hygiene standards as well has that now being complicated because of the cyclone.

Absolutely you know the government has the storm shelters and in order to get people to move to the storm shelters one of the things was to ensure that there was enough infection prevention that was there so there were people who were ambivalent you were a little scared to go to the centers because of covert 19 and being infected and the government did its best to ensure that more shelters by looking at schools and other facilities where available to ensure the physical distancing.

As well as making sure that the hygiene like water so was available under very difficult circumstances as well incredibly transparent and that's we can only imagine Cyrus.