China new Hong Kong law

Law can be imposed without consent of Hong Kong's elected officials

National correspondent and Sean hi robin branch robin hello to you as we heard that the Chinese premier saying that Hong Kong will retain a high degree of autonomy but clearly pro democracy campaigners fear the exact opposite of bass and what side is there already off protests.

Already we're seeing some small scale demonstrations in Hong Kong.
Losses so that certain legislation whether we will see a much larger scale of protests in the months ahead I think what happened in the weeks because of the front of our situation well we'll just have to wait and see but this isn't an century proposal and what is most interesting is we keep hearing a bunch of that phrase one country 2 systems that way that was the very heart of the agreement between China and the U. K. which determines the way the Hong Kong is going to be company since 19.
Unease regains control Hong Kong is part of China but it has a great degree of autonomy particularly in its criminal justice system it's called the police it's education exam very different place to mainland China but this proposal and it's not brand new the company is that government to desire to national security law the Hong Kong for some time but this proposal is much more about one country and a lot less about 2 systems of premier league you could turn the number 2 politician in China spoke about Hong Kong maintaining a degree of autonomy well that's a moveable feast is that and that is what is at the heart of this how much autonomy will Hong Kong retain does Beijing downplayed off the nearly a year of demonstrations protests at times paralyzing parts of Hong Kong trump's violence in terms of the confrontation.
But Beijing now believe it has to be mole intently I have to tighten its grip of a home call because it is perhaps that there's the beginnings of some kind of renewed independence within that tell us a bit more than about what this new law actually plans because presumably it will take in the sorts of protests that we have seen in Hong Kong over the last year.

But his senses on full main areas and if you are a scholar of English law they'll be very familiar to you because these are quite old fashioned terms are very broad and wide ranging and ambiguous and that's the concern of many in Hong Kong so we have treason subversion sedition as a mention of terrorism as well that T. what is hugely important it because the connotations of terrorism on the Chinese mainland's maybe very difference much more wide ranging to house some in Hong Kong retarded it also takes in attempts by foreign governments to essentially start the fire you know Beijing believes the U. S. in particular former colonial ruler the UK a role to play in supporting some of the democracy protests is that but they're off essentially 4 key areas one of the concerns of critics is that they are hugely ambiguous United subversion sedition they are hugely open to interpretation but they see this is a sign that Beijing is moving to impose a national security law the the frankly it's far more general and far more ambiguous in the way it can be interpreted or frankly that could mean formal people swept up.

Okay robin thank you very much at Roland brand in Shanghai.