There area unit still days before the historic pilot flight of National Aeronautics and Space Administration and SpaceX

NASA astronauts Doug Harley and Bob Benken flew to FL, the Kennedy area Center, to organize for a historic mission.
The launch of the try at the International satellite is provided by a rocket and capsule created by a billboard company, SpaceX. this may be the primary time since 2011 that National Aeronautics and Space Administration astronauts have flown from the us to the station.
Harley and Benken flew to the agency's headquarters in FL, wherever they were in quarantine. Teams from National Aeronautics and Space Administration and SpaceX can check whether or not everything is prepared for succeeding flight. Rocket engines also will be bound. As for the astronauts, they're going to wear costumes and even be placed in a very capsule to raised grasp their role and responsibility.
We're therefore glad we'll get on the ship presently and head to the station," same Doug Harley. 
NASA's industrial program, launched in 2010, has selected  2 firms to make transport, SpaceX and Boeing. below the agreement, firms will sell seats on their ships to different area agencies, firms and even people.
Now we're doing it otherwise. We're operating with the industrial trade," same Jim Brydendin, the agency's administrator.
The launch is scheduled  for next week, however could also be delayed thanks to unforeseen environmental condition.
Currently, the Crew Dragon will travel solely many hundred kilometers to the ISS. However, the goal is to hide longer distances. In April, National Aeronautics and Space Administration employed 3 groups to develop ideas for permitting humans to land on the moon.