Coronavirus: Impact on UK Economy

ONS: UK retail sales fell by the most on record in April

Coming in force in the U. K. on March 23 just a week of for the future the impact on the March figures this time we got a whole month of April remember most stores if they weren't sending food or sense a lot of times what clothes then we start to get an impasse a sense of the impact so let me run you through the numbers that we've had this morning from the office for national statistics they tell as a sales volume so we met we were going down by more than 18 percent in April a member that's coming on the back of a 5 percent full in March.

Losing sales on surprising me taking the biggest hit because those schools were closed down more than 50 percent 52.50.2 percent lower and that's again off the back of a 34 percent for the month before there is one glimmer of hope in all of this and that is that so the proportion of the money that we spend so online so everything we spent last month 30 percent of it was spent on mine which speaks.
Using habits and our ability to now by more and more online and get it delivers and increasing the food is one of those components perhaps before it might have been gadget Centronics not sort of thing but now food increasingly being both online to supermarkets run pub that deliveries to get that to us I know so it gives you a sense of what we're buying to alcohol sales once again rising pretty sharply maybe we're not going out to a nice restaurant for a nice meal or down the local pub so barring more license to consume at home and as other retailers have told us this week leisure wear comfy closing selling particularly well no so many sales of suits and ties while start many of us working from home might not imagine as a few comfy slippers and that as well yes those details certainly tell the story of this time of pandemic don't they ban a little bit of relief though you were telling us earlier about mortgage payment holidays being extended water the details will not.