Coronavirus: China abandons growth target

Well that was Nouriel Roubini they're outlining just how difficult economic recovery will be up for all of us and also some of the choices that we're going to be left with as the world sees this great tip fracture between the United States and China out here in Asia I hear that a lot up from government officials as well as companies who are now wondering what path they need to take as they try and shot some kind of recovery out of the impact that they've seen from the corona virus you can watch the whole interview on talking business Asia this weekend David on BBC world news will.
That how would you know what the future is going to be at the moment and yet all of this is being overshadowed by a new law which they've also introduced at this Congress to me well meaning that for example Hong Kong protesters instead of being charged with something like Bryant seeing all you know some sort of assembly charges would face much more serious laws you know to do with allegations of sort of plotting to overthrow the government or something along those lines just for protesting all but mentioning something which would be seen to be separatist or something along those lines.

And the concerns are that this is undermining the very foundation of one country 2 systems in Hong Kong and to give you an idea of how wide the authorities are about this I mean I don't know if they thought that it's going to kind of sneak this law through the Congress and because everyone was paying attention to the coronavirus nobody would sort of noticeable something along those lines but as an indication of how wide they are every time we talk about this that pulling the plug on a fade so right now the screen's going to black right across China I we cannot cover this for the audience in China at all even the slightest mention of this news national security law and gong is sending the screens to Black Rock across China right that said.