Coronavirus: US

Trump denies refusing to wear face mask during factory visit

Well that's a choice I was given I was given a choice that I had one on in an area with the preferred so I put it on and it was very nice very nice but they said did not necessary.
R. Y. if you asked then secretary of state for an application and then they would send the application you fill it out and then they send you a ballet the secretary of state earlier this week said that she would be sending out that application automatically for the August and November elections to every qualified voter in Michigan so it's about 7.7000000 people I'm in she said it was the kind of cut down on in person voting in light of the corona virus and to prevent potential spread at the polling locations it was greeted with with some hesitancy and and some real upset by Republican lawmakers in Michigan and in more recent days by president trump I Republican lawmakers have expressed concerns about Clark's ability to cow all of those ballots in a timely manner the day of the election and they've also expressed some concerns about voter.
Of of voter fraud.

I mean it when it comes to absentee ballots it is pretty rare to have voter fraud but you know as recently as last year there was a clerk in Southfield Michigan who is charged with with election fraud in relation to absentee ballots and the way they were were listed in ballot sheets in her city but that is kind of a rarity it doesn't happen very often throughout the U. S. let alone in Michigan what about the state's itself in the November election how close do you think it's going to be.

I mean I think we learned enough from the 2016 election know that it's hard to tell what's going to happen in 2020 Michigan is really become the definition of a swing state in recent years hi trump was not expected to take Michigan in 2016 and he did by a very narrow margin but then in 2018 you know Michigan flipped again and elected 3 female democratic lawmakers to the state the highest position sorry 3 democratic women to the state's highest positions and so I think you know Michigan is it is very hard to call at this point I'm definitely the corona virus has thrown another wrench into things and our governor his kind of.

Risen to a higher profile for all this in part because of how hard hit Michigan was particularly match for Detroit in her interactions with trump throughout the corona virus pandemic she's been on national TV a lot and at times has called out the federal government for sure slow response or for a lack of personal protection gear for workers here yeah so it's it's definitely become is really lived up to his name as a as a swing state and one that's going to be very important and in November.