Coronavirus: Focus on tourism

Bars and restaurants reopened on 18 May in Italy

State is safe and we avoid I know the spike in infections that would be very detrimental on the other side we also want the economy to go on and people to go back to add to their lives so I think it's quite normal that the,ndments are finding ways to relax the restrictions and I really think the knowledge really up to us as an individual travelers and seated sense to really follow the at the guidelines and to respect all the hats and safety measures are in place and to avoid that basically we go back to the previous situation again what's our customers rights but what I advise you giving them about exercising those rights.

Yeah so what we're doing at the moment of course is both dealing with the reservations that happened before and the the covert 19 came into into place and basically that didn't allow customers to to drive at the same time we also trying to make it easier for customers to be confident.
The first case we are really working are also with our commission back then as you noted the fine to and the best solutions for for both whether these change of dates or a voucher for a future state or when that is not possible to to have found the the customers for new reservations up happening now where I also customize he's fully aware of the of the situation we're trying to work with a welcome addition botanist in order for them to believe us to give us much flexibility as possible for that so that customers are confident in making the reservation knowing that if when they're close it to add to the date of the tree is not possible for them to add to go anymore they can still get to define they will not be charged for it for that where all what trends are you seeing in terms of why people feel confidence to book.

Yeah what we see is he's a spy can in domestic travel so just to maybe to give you some that data point usually in these points of the season we will see around that and maybe 70 percent of the at 445 percent of the people traveling and domestically way whereas now it's it's a mortal was the they say the 70 percent I think this is also related to to the fact that they had that I last flights available done and done in the past so people are much more comfortable in in driving to there and tend to their destinations also due to give my.

In a similar case for example I I booked my trip to to Tuscany DCS I'm not going to and and I brought a few more much more comfortable in that and in driving of course I hope that that would still be able to to make that trade but again a book the flexible rate and then if that is not the case I would be able to and yet to get a refund for the.

Haskin is always a lovely choices into under Democrat from thank you very much for talking to us thanks for your.