Hospital photography

Rare glimpse of life at the medical frontline

And from my perspective and it's always been impossible not to say you know I might be walking along the corridor and one of my colleagues will be asking for something opening night and I'm just so sorry one night and I'm gonna tell you quick tax and actually these files have been being with that United fans to come racing that's why I say because I felt more appropriate in what looked to be working I mean that you know the number and stuff like that so I'm just catching my mind so I guess we didn't they set pandemic in within St Mary's hospital I'm actually outside as well and we got some of these photographs show on a screen at the moment to you talk about capturing moments they are clearly not set up in any sort of way capturing that moment as it exists as you see it I'm not just your nursing colleagues you use scented and concentrate also on hollow the domestic cleaning stuff that you see working along side you yes I mean we have an amazing relationship all of us in this house is what I think and recyclers to maximize the clean.
Why is that you can say all of a sudden you call on that one of the family members coming in and see their loved ones that all sounded causing away even but you can't have that so what we found is actually you can really get some families and people who face time we contacted families daily and we've really got to know I lost a son he's unbelievably well you see the high.

As you'd imagine sometimes you know you look at a grand children and you realize this person you're looking off at you but his relationship with present hi and that's an important isn't it when you'll only Caro with them I know you've got a large family and out of siblings have how difficult is it painful for you to have to isolate your.