Eurovision 'Request Hour'

The Netherlands was due to host this year's contest

We'll be putting on our Eurovision piano request our so you can send in your request if you have a favorite Eurovision song a song that won the contest or some that didn't win but became a Eurovision classic and I will be here police of the piano I'll try to play it as best I can I complete I think just about all the windows and and a few more so what will have a bit of fun now we know you are super fan I think this is a love hate thing going on with your revision what what is is seen during a pale.

I don't know how you can hate Eurovision is an amazing program and an amazing events I mean there's something so special about the fact that once a year millions of people hundreds of millions of people around the world sit down and watch the same.
As a way of uniting people through music it's a great idea.

All right Steve come on we want to sneak preview we call say goodbye without you playing something said give us a surprise from Eurovision.

Well Sally I'll be doing a little bit of research and this is the song with the one year remission the year you were born it was a song from Luxembourg and here it goes.