Coronavirus: impact on movie industry

Industry hit with cinemas closed and productions halted

Thus, it is possible to comply with government guidelines, and we ourselves work very closely with the government of the day, the British Film Institute. We have a very large target group that considers every element of your activity that is involved in cleaning up all protocols. a crew with protective gear dimensions, each element of which is carefully checked so that we can do it safely in the most suitable way and I will give the UK economy what damage has already been done. The film industry is based in the UK and around the world.
Long before the coded pandemic occurred, we delivered £ 3,000,000,000 to the UK economy last year. We provide jobs for new enterprises in the economy, which, with the minuses of the gender that actually is, are at the forefront of providing any new type of activity. What covers the bar to stop tool production in the UK. The costumes must be restarted in order to get a vacation again, because it had a rather detrimental effect on the production of films and television programs. But we believe that we can do something that can actually improve it, and make good money again.