Actor Irrfan Khan dies

Bollywood stars & politicians have paid tribute on social media

A big movie star in India was an incredible talent, a kind colleague, a fruitful contributor to the cinema world in the department. And also people telling about how he was an amazing quality of work in India, which the country has changed in relation to Indian cinema, it became well known when they play a leading role, when they have almost more characters on their screens. The call was completely different, he played, the usual rules for ordinary people, it was his comic timing of the intensity that he displayed on the screen, which meant that he was very welcomed by critics in another Bollywood, as well as in independent films. And then, of course, they crossed paths and acted on a multitude of international telephones and on a multitude of telephones in English, like a “slumdog millionaire”, like with pipes, and even a movie like a namesake, which is very well remembered.