Actor Irrfan Khan dies

Khan considered one of India's best actors

In a rare disease that affects cells that release hormones into the bloodstream, he wrote a letter in which he spoke about the uncertainty and unpredictability of life, and you know that it is well known that he has been in the last 2 years. In some ways, during the treatment, he lost the greasy environment, which actually got to the cinemas on the day when they were forced to close due to the coronary virus crisis. But she was well remembered by many of his roles here in Bollywood films in independent films. but, of course, in films in English, the international star is also absolutely, and so have been corrected and work until recently, despite the malaise.
This is true, some of his most famous international films, of course, are the life of a slumdog millionaire about why the Jurassic world is a film, the namesake of which is left to scoff at you, and so many people in India. indeed that the industry revolves around the stalls around these larger than life heroes, I think one of the things that truly changed the film industry in India. These constant roles that he will perform will become extremely critical statements that will be seen in those roles that you know, and that is why he was such an unforgettable actor, whom many, perhaps, called the best actor of his generation. Today we had a superstar in India, as at the highest level, they were an incredible talent, a kind colleague and a fruitful contributor to the world of cinema.